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what do police need to get an arrest warrant

long story but a friend of friend has 2 warrants against him in Ontario. He is currently living in Alberta. Can the Alberta police arrest him? can warrants be honored and carried out in a different provence? And I have no idea what the warrants are for. What if charges were pressed against him in Alberta would that change anything?

Answer by Kowalski

Answer by novarobin- on vacation
Its really going to depend on what the offences are. Most warrants have a “radius”. For example, when he is run on CPIC, the message may say “Warrant of Arrest, radius 100km of Toronto, elsewhere advise”. It could be radius of a certain amount of Kms, or province wide or Canada wide. So, if he is run by Alberta Police, and the radius is not Canada wide or within the appropriate Km, they will contact Ontario. The issuing agency will decide whether or not they will come to pick him up. If they are not interested, the warrant will not be executed.
So, yes, Alberta Police can arrest him, but they may not. The originating agency has to come out to actually execute the warrant but the existance of the warrant gives Alberta the ability to detain him until it is. It depends if the originating agencey wants to execute it.

In my experience, warrants for Failing to Attend court are rarely acted upon outside of their radius. A warrant for a serious offence like Robbery or Murder will be.