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what do police need to get an arrest warrant
Montreal, (PRWEB) February 22, 2005

The refugee claimant has been in Canada since 2000, there is no criminal accusation toward him, he has a regular full time job, he has produce his income tax report like all citizens of this country and he is married to a Canadian citizen. Even more, the information in his file show us that he is actively committed in his community and as a member of his church, as shown in the reference documents. And then, since 2004 he live a real nightmare

The pre-removal risk assessment officers (PRRA) at Citizenship and Immigration Canada, real psychopath if we listen carefully to the refugee claimant, as they claim there is no risk what so ever for him to return into his country. Even so, this particular person asked for the Canadian protection cause he was arrested and beaten by some fanatical representatives of his country, the Nigeria, whose population is in the majority Muslim, he was accused to be a? Christian!

Through the reading of this file unawareness of immigration officers dilute every paragraph of the documentation supporting the refugee claimant, they value the claimant would not risk for his life if deported to Nigeria, the most scarier country known for his human right violation, from stoning women for ?crimes? established women rights in Occident, through Christian persecution. But there is more, to unawareness come in addition psychotic behaviours of persecution from officer Ladouceur, who didn?t hesitate to distort the address on the convocation letter sent to the refugee claimant. Take note that if a refugee claimant doesn?t show up to convocation an arrest warrants toward the claimant is issue.

However and in spite of the fact of irregularities observed in the process of his file, and this is the major importance in this matter, is the refugee claimant appalling revelation resumed in the two following paragraphs of his affidavit submitted to support his humanitarian case:

«21 Yet, on the other hand, the Canadian government forced me into an interview on appointment with a representative of the Nigerian government the very government I was alleging is an accomplice to daily human rights violations of the worst kinds, and this interview was taking place inside the secure area of 1010, St-Antoine West;»

22 The representative of the Nigerian government, gave his name as being Mr. Momo, but didn?t have any business card to give me, he told us he was doing this interview at the invitation of Citizenship and Immigration;»

First of all, CCCCH would like to recall that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police warned the population against a wide-spread practice from organise crime that originate from Nigeria: ? Watch out for the Nigerian/West-African Business letter scam! For years now, businesses, learning institutions, and government departments have been receiving e-mails from senders posing as Nigerian/West-African government or business officials offering to share large sums of money.»

Afterwards CCCCH invite the reader to read the report of Juan Ramón Jimenez, member of the National University of Mexico and well known specialist on organise crime where he explains that the Nigerian Mafia is establish in Miami and have divisions every where in North America. All of those people are necessary in need of fake documents. And here, in Canada, an individual claiming to be a diplomat Is Free To Move, Without Any Escort Behind The Canadian Immigration Secured Doors. Whereabouts he could have access to unlimited sources of confidential information (passport number, name of peoples, social insurance number, official stamps, letterhead papers, etc.).

To the light of those facts, CCCCH require the opening of an in-depth investigation to determine out of all doubt:

1 ? First of all that the so-called diplomat, Mr. Momo, is in fact a diplomat

2 ? That all necessary measures where on place to prevent this individual to access spying opportunities on getting confidential information behind the secure doors of the Canadian Immigration Department.

3 ? That the Canadian antiterrorist law be enforce to that person.

4 ? That the Canadian territory and the Canadian borders security and integrity, in the present terrorist fight against terrorism, are and will stay spying free.

Evermore, to the light of the inhuman measures, against the minimal international agreement of security that have to be apply to a refugee claimant and by irregularities that comes close to mental illness, CCCCH requires from Canadian Immigration Minister that the deportation order against the refugee claimant be dismissed and his permanent residency be approve, ipso facto, this in order to prevent any future reprisal from Canadian Immigration Officers.

CCCCH ask to be allowed to address President Bush administration with the following question: Does United-States of North America entrust in a government’s integrity if, from one part it proclaims to be his ally but from other part is allowing public officer to allow around their secured area ?diplomats? from a well know country for his great swindles to stroll in their premises?

CCCCH hope anyone carrying out the imposed experiences from Immigration Canada will come forward to relate their own experience to the Canadian public opinion in order to demonstrate the Nazification of Immigration Canada Department.

For more information:

René Silva

Director CCCCH

(514) 387-0149 (evenings)

[email protected]


I want to call a police station to see if I have an arrest warrant.

The thing is when they search their computer, is the search only for their city or for the entire state?

Or the whole country?

Answer by LadyLt.
I don’t know where you live, but you usually go to the staation because if you are wanted you get arrested. We don’t waste our time. If that computer information comes back that you are wanted the Police Department wants that body to go with it.

The computer comes back with local wants first.

Than national wants. It’s called National Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). There are other systems that are subsidiary of this and local systems. (NLETS) etc…