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jury duty arrest warrant

I got my summons and it instructed me to call the day ahead of soon after four:thirty for occasions and other guidelines. I named just now (7pm the night prior to) and now its telling me to get in touch with tomorrow at eleven:00. I operate tomorrow! I need to have to both go or not go. I perform genuinely far absent and I am not leaving operate to go to jury responsibility.
I prepared to go but now they are creating me get in touch with THE Working day OF jury obligation. So if I overlook function and I dont have jury duty, then I am out of shell out. They can’t be so previous minutte with folks!

Solution by scott b
Indeed. If you do not display up at Jury Duty, a bench warrant is going to be issued to you. In reality, it should have stated that on your summons. Funny thing about that, but the Courts are inclined to not like it when individuals dismiss and disobey them )

Solution by SugarBear
Now there’s a great citizen.

Answer by HawgRider
You are likely to be a next attainable jury. That is why you have to call in at 11:00 AM. If the court docket can not locate enough juries then they contact a 2nd established in at eleven:00 AM. It is a great chance you won’t have to go but if you will not they will threaten you with a bench warrant.

This is an additional right you have of being an American Citizen and it is your obligation to serve.