Cook County Arrest Warrant 2013

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If i was inside Chicago’s cook county, plus I had a warrant for failure to appear inside courtroom from a speeding ticket inside 2010 inside Madison county that is 4 hours away, can Chicago authorities actually arrest me plus invest the income to bring me back to Madison county?

Answer by tom4bucs
Possibly –

depends found on the severity of the crime –
1) several counties may just choose up their county
2) certain counties just choose up surrounding counties
– (upcoming door)
3) the county usually choose we up state broad
you should not post bail promising to appear

all best

Answer by David S
They certain will. Nobody with an active warrant only walks away. At the smallest, you’d be taken into custody till Cook County authorities decided what to do regarding it.

Answer by laughter_every_day
They can indeed arrest. They will likely not bring we back to Madison county. Instead, they usually hold we till Madison county comes to receive we. The fees of which effort is put into the sentence for the speeding as well as the sentence for failure to appear.