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How is this going to affect the chargers?? Well he be able to play??
Tequila signed a citizen’s arrest warrant, charging Merriman with battery and false imprisonment which both are felonies.

Answer by Richie Rich
i hope he chokes lady gaga next. i’m starting to be a fan of the chargers now.

Answer by Che Vive!
i say good for him! tila tequila’s an annoying bitch anyway. nyway based on what happened to stallworth and vick, expect him to be suspended for at least 3 weeks. the chargers may or may not start like last year but i’m hoping they do cuz i’m a broncos fan (tragic, i know)

Answer by hooklinesinker
All of us are sad bunches, a player chokes another human being and the biggest thing we are worried about is will he be able to play.

Not just you, but me too, and probably 90% of people here as well.