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35 arrested inside artificial drug sweep inside West Tenn. – | Chattanooga

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) – Federal law enforcement officials state 35 individuals were arrested inside West Tennessee because piece of the nationwide crackdown against artificial drugs. Edward Stanton, the U.S. lawyer inside West Tennessee, mentioned Wednesday which over 400 agents …
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arrest warrant tennessee

I reside inside Illinois, plus was issued a warrant inside Tennessee inside 07 for motion to revoke probation. My query is this a felony or misdemeanor, plus might i be nabbed inside the airport whenever i go from customs? Im flying from Chicago o hare to Memphis tn to Europe. Anyone which can assist will be much appreciated.

Answer by nako
As you’ll not go from customs at any point about the outbound flight till we reach Europe, there are not any issues till we really return to the US, where point it happens to be probably which a warrant can show up inside the CBP records plus it might become a condition for we. You may want to consider clearing this matter before we leave, because it’s certain it may result we more trouble than you need to deal with when you return to the US.

As for whether the violation is a misdemeanor or perhaps a felony, which can be a query better addressed inside the right section about Y! Answers (or, better yet, to an attorney). I’d venture, though, which the penalty for it might somehow be linked to the authentic offense for that you found oneself about probation to start with.

Answer by Doug
I should disagree with Naiko. Because you may be flying by Tennessee, (Memphis) the Tennessee database can be connected to the STA flight manifests. You need to provide the full name plus date of birth because a element of ticketing, that is the data law enforcement officials have to identity we.

I don’t know how probably this really is to arise yet it is very absolutely anything regarding that you should be worried.

Good Luck