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Pastor Terry Jones arrested in Florida on his way to burn 3000 kerosene-soaked

Those who 'encourage or incite' terrorism could be barred from Canada under guidelines tabled by Jason Kenney · Egypt issues arrest warrants for 7 Coptic Christians and U.S. pastor Terry Jones over anti-Islamic film. Mulberry's mayor, along with area …
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arrest warrant in florida

A family member has an arrest warrant in VA. Thankfully he lives in Florida and they don’t expedite, but we want to know what the warrant is for. Every site I go to want me to wants me to pay a fee before I even know if it found anything and I don’t want to pay if they have nothing to tell me.

Answer by Kelle
Any police station has all warrants for USA on their computer and they will tell you.You sign a form.

Think first though because if he gets arrested at some point and you signed the form asking for his warrant info and didn’t turn him in , you can be charged with harboring a fugitive.