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North Aurora, IL (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

North Aurora Police said Aurora man has been charged with felony theft and is accused of stealing jewelry worth over $ 3,000 from the victims home while performing pest control service.

According to case documents, the crime happened in the 1400 blk. of Oakland Cir. on March 30th. The victim noticed that her gold engagement ring with a 1-carat diamond was missing and she suspected a pest control employee who was in her house recently.

According to case documents, police searched a pawn and precious metals database through LeadsOnline, an online investigations system, and found that the suspect had recently pawned a similar ring at a pawn shop. Detectives recovered the stolen ring on April 15 from the pawn shop and obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect on May 3rd. Case documents say the suspect is Troy T. Placek, 37, of the 700 blk. of Roberts St., Aurora. He is charged with Theft over $ 300, a class 3 Felony. His bond was set at $ 20,000 / 10%.

North Aurora case documents indicate Placek was arrested and brought to the Kane County jail on June 24th. He posted $ 2,000 and was released pending trial.

LeadsOnline serves as the hub for criminal investigations in the United States and directly contributes to the increased clearance rates for law enforcement agencies nationwide. More than 40,000 investigators use the online investigations system to instantly search more than half a billion electronic transactions from secondhand stores, gold buyers, pawn shops, internet drop off stores (eBay), and scrap metal recyclers to locate missing or stolen property that may have traveled across city, county, or even state lines. The web-based system equips criminal investigators with the ability to instantly solve crimes and to return goods to their rightful owners.

Without LeadsOnline, investigators had to undertake a time-consuming process of visiting all the stores in the area, collecting paper tickets and computer diskettes, and manually filing the tickets into a database. Keeping up with the volume of information was costly and overwhelming, and detectives were limited to searching for stolen property within the city.

Information contained in this release is in reference to North Aurora Police case number 2013-2737.