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First European Arrest Warrant Executed in Gibraltar

On the 26 July 2006 the RGP arrested Mr Dean Dixon aged 48, a British National residing in Gibraltar on the strength of a European Arrest Warrant issued by the Spanish Judicial Authorities in La Linea. The warrant relates to a serious assault which …
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RT @Selkie: Mail Online managed to write a HUGE piece about teacher who allegedly abducted teenage pupil without mentioning European arrest

Franklin, Tennessee (PRWEB) September 27, 2011

The 3 time jailed whistleblower from Nissan Sharyn Bovat (case # gsc -3714) says shes now an advocate for taxpayers rights and is promoting transparency of DOE spending. Last week she told Tennessee State legislatures that she alleges her arrest were harassment for complaining about how DOE money has been spent.

Prior to Bovats arrest she was considered one of the top relocation consultants in Middle Tennessee. It was her job to make people from all over the world WANT to move to TN. Since 2006 she helped NISSAN executives. In 2009 NISSAN she worked for Nissan board member Carlos Tavares.

When working with Carlos Tavares the 1st Nissan EVP to work outside Japan Sharyn became a whistle Blower and told him of discrimination against women: women in management at NISSAN declined from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009

Bovat also whistle blew on wasted spending of Tennessee taxpayer money. Bovat had documented that at taxpayer expense she was asked to find a spa for oxygen facials for a French VP. After Nissan applied for a DOE loan of over a billion American tax dollars in June 2009 she started a blogging about discrimination & spending.

At last weeks Court of Judiciary hearing in Nashville Tennessee Sharyn Bovat spoke her full written statement is at . Sharyn said is not alone in her concerns & recently US Congressional Rep. Cliff Stearns, Chairman of the oversight and investigations committee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee said I think we have other Solyndras out there adding The government should not be picking winners and losers thats what theyre doing with Nissan

Two weeks ago Bovat traveled to Washington DC to communicate that the DOE was spending money on electric car chargers that will only work on Japanese cars saying Fast Chargers are being installed for over 100,000 in Washington State, Oregon and Illinois are paid for by DOE grants and the level 3 fast charger function will ONLY work on the NISSAN Leaf & Mitsubishi. Toyotas will NOT work on the new “Fast Chargers” being installed.????

A Reuters article backs up the allegation the RAV4 EV will not include a ChaDeMo charging port. Toyota will not offer fast charging on any vehicles until the SAE determines a standard. and the New York Times has written articles about the problem. . Autoevolution states The only car that can use Level 3 plug charger installed in Washington is the Nissan Leaf.

During the judicial hearing Bovat quoted a Forbes article saying the Leafs real world range is 58 miles per charge. NOT the 100 that was touted to get the DOE funds..and its been on her blog that the battery technology NISSAN is using is the same form the 90s

According to Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla the Nissan leaf battery is a much more primitive level of technology

Bovat claims that Nissan insiders contacted Bovat telling her the technology for the NISSAN Leaf battery was created in the 90s C.A.R.B. days when California required all car manufacturers to build EVs.

Florida Congressman Cliff Stearns sums it all up by saying “I am concerned that the DOE is providing loans and loan guarantees to firms that aren’t capable of competing in the global market, even with government subsidies” New York Times: Full article:

NISSAN has spent government money from 5 countries to build capacity to make 500.000 Leafs per year. In June 2011 in Tokyo at the shareholders meeting it was announced the companies goal is to sell 250,000 a year. Bovat says that means 1/2 the jobs promised to the various countries will NOT happen

NISSAN has to sell 500,000 Leafs to “break even” & as of September they’ve sold a little over 12,000 worldwide!!! Carlos Ghosn has publically stated that the project must be profitable to succeed.

According to a recent USA Today article the Electric Car is have a slow start with the headline reading: Europeans showing little interest in electric cars

Bovat believes NISSAN and those profiting from the DOE funded project wanted her discredited. Had she NOT spent 14 months + battling a trice trumped up 1st time misdemeanor she would have filed a False Claims lawsuit on behalf of the American taxpayers.

For over 2 years shes posted lots of bad spending & discrimination at & Nissan has never issued a court order telling her to take it down so its still online. Bovat has since started other blogs including , http://www.nissanwhistleblower and her newest that blog was started after the man she first whistle blew too got promoted to lead Nissans parent partner Renault.

Sharyn Bovat cannot understand how after blogging for over year & without a court order why she was arrested at Nissan North America. Bovat says 6 police cars were sent to haul me, an unarmed relocation consultant to jail & the irony is that the warrant was sworn out by a man that I had blogged about harassing me for a year.

Why was Sharyn Bovat jailed 3 times in Tennessee???

Why has a relocation consultant whos also a carpool mom, a woman with no criminal record endured excessive arrests & prosecution???

Why was a 1st time misdemeanor assigned to a Special Prosecutor, 2 assistant DAs and now an Independent Prosecutor???

Why does the judicial system let the harassment of a whistleblower continue for over 14 months..???

Bovat believes the answer is that Nissan wanted to discredit her saying had I NOT spent 14 months + battling a trice trumped up 1st time misdemeanor I would have filed a False Claims lawsuit on behalf of the American taxpayers and I think Nissan knew that

Sharyn Bovat is frustrated with the fact shes done over 10 press releases and the local paper still does not report her story. Bovat even started a blog about the lack of press .

The former Tennessean editor Mark Silverman has met with Bovat on numerous occasions and Bovat says he told her one reason the Tennessean is not covering the story of a Whistle blower being jailed 3 times in Middle Tennessee is because he was understaffed at the Gannett owned paper Sharyn adds then a month later his paper laid off more reporters.

A recent FCC report states A shortage of reporting manifests itself in invisible ways: stories not written, scandals not exposed, government waste not discovered, health dangers not identified in time, local elections involving candidates about whom we know little,”

Sharyn Bovat is tired of all the drama in reference to NISSAN and she wants to move on with her life saying I just want the DOE to audit all the companies that are not in bankruptcy like Solyndra and I want the American taxpayer respected. Those of use that pay taxes have worked hard and its about time we got respect.