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No Bail Arrest Warrant

no bail arrest warrant

I am at the moment battling felony case and am out on bail, an arrest warrant has been issued for me for another subject. If I’m out on bail presently can I get another bail posted for this new warrant?

Answer by Nick R
It is a (definite) Perhaps.

It really is not a definite NO. It depends on the specifics of your circumstance. Ask your lawyer (or get an legal professional speedily). You can try inquiring bail bonds firms as effectively.

Reply by Sage
You can, but it depends on the choose and the specifics. Every single charge offers diverse issues. The function of bail is to assure that you will present up to reply the legal costs. The existence and volume of bail depends on a variety of factors, including (one) the seriousness of the charges, (two) your very own prosperity, and (three) your ties to the neighborhood. If the fees are not critical, and you have agency ties in the community (i.e., you have a household and a job), the decide may well release you on your personal recognizance — without imposing any bail at all, just on the basis of your assure to appear. If the charges are quite serious (perhaps foremost to daily life in jail), the choose might not release you on any bail, since you would be quite very likely to flee the jurisdiction. In amongst, the decide will impose bail that he or she thinks is sufficient to promise that you will show up to trial. In your circumstance, the judge can release you on bail, but it depends on a quantity of aspects. The existence of a pending felony cost in one more circumstance is not a great truth.