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la county arrest warrant

My girlfriend was arrested in Los Angeles, went to court and pleaded guilty to probation. She would have went home if it wasn’t for a hold she has in Richmond. My question is how long does Richmond have to come and pick her up before LA has to release her ?

Answer by q S
There is no time limit, depending on how busy it could be a week or so. However, each of these days served now will be given to her as credit.

Answer by RC
Jasmine it all just depends on when they get the time to get there. There is no requirement. And LA will not release her, with an active hold/warrant from another county who has said they will come get her. If Richmond says they won’t extradite from LA, then they’d let her go immediately.

Answer by Jay
There is no set time limit. It could be days or weeks depending on distance, manpower, or even expense in getting there.