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(PRWEB) November 16, 2004

The After Is A True Story

Part I

In the early 1990?s, $ 700 million were allotted by the U.S. Government for ?humanitarian purposes?. The Security Pacific National Bank (SPNB) of Brea, California, was contracted to transform the cash into prepaid banking instruments (International Money Orders/IMO?s) inside denominations of $ 2,000 to then be distributed to victims of the war inside Bosnia. But, inside 1992, SPNB suffered a ?security breach? as well as the IMO?s were ordered ruined. Whatever became of the $ 700 million?

In 1996, the same Bank (SPNB) that was responsible for the ?security breach? inside 1992, entered into another contract to transform $ 700 million into prepaid banking instruments (IMO?s) for a firm called International Trading Holding of NY. The guarantor was to be The National Bank of America. According to the contract, this funds was moreover destined to be employed for ?humanitarian Purposes?. Was this the same income allotted inside 1990? If thus, did it reach its destination this time? If not, that could tell you what occurred to both allotments that total $ 1.4 billion ?

These contracts stayed shrouded inside secrecy till, inside 2001, a Rome businessman started researching the IMO?s, plus inside April of 2003, officials of the California Controller?s Office Task Force, FBI agents, as well as the California D.A.?s workplace, for factors unknown, decided to leak chosen info in regards to the IMO?s to the public. While the info leaked by the authorities revealed small regarding the whereabouts of the cash, it managed to label the IMO?s ?counterfeit? (without listing proof) plus tidily connected it all together with 3 hit releases announcing the arrests of 4 folks, 2 (2) that had tried to cash IMO?s at a San Diego bank plus 2 (2) whom tried to validate them at the Sacramento Controller?s Office.

The Chief Investigator at the California Controller?s Office, Dale Lee, introduced this statement to the Sacramento Bee magazines inside California inside April, 2003, in regards to the arrest of 2 guys inside November of 2002, whom were trying to cash IMO?s at the offices of the Controller: ?The origins of the case return to the early 1990?s whenever Security Pacific National Bank suffered a safety breach. Before it was purchased by Bank of America (BofA), SPNB contracted out for the destruction of the cash orders. The destruction was to be performed inside the Philippines. However several cash orders became templates for counterfeiters. Counterfeit income started circulating inside Eastern Europe inside 1992, regarding the time the bank merged with Bank of America (BofA).?

Lee?s statement is misleading because it precludes any opposition to the arrests or disagreement which the IMO?s are counterfeit. In truth, contrary to the gravity of the accusations levied against the 4 (conspiracy to defraud, possession of forged goods, tried grand theft forgery), all 4 of the arrested were sentenced to misdemeanours. Why then was it mandatory to ?stage? these arrests? How is it potential which several individuals were arrested for presenting the IMO?s at the Controller?s Offices whenever which is exactly the region where 1 must go to when they have IMO?s plus want to recognize when they are valid ! How could you be accused of ?intent? to commit scam whenever he/she goes straight to the authorities to ask when the IMO?s are valid or not? The truth remains which there are some alternatives for verification, except by the Controller’s Office. No competent authority has ever offered a signifies to check the validity of the IMO?s, allow alone create their existence recognized to the public!

The many shocking revelation inside these ?questionable? arrests remains the truth which among the 4 people, Vladimir Jacovina, is the main co-ordinator of $ 520 million inside IMO?s nevertheless inside circulation inside Europe! After pleading guilty inside Sacramento to six charges including conspiracy to defraud, possession of the forged item plus tried grand theft forgery, Jacovina was ordered to return to Croatia. Needless to state, Jacovina didn’t return to his nation plus is currently looking alternative methods to make use of the IMO?s because collateral for European investments. Is it potential which investigator Lee plus his Special Task Force failed to know Vladimir Jacovina? If they had desired to recuperate the IMO?s nonetheless inside circulation shouldn?t they have kept him inside custody? By purchasing him to return to Croatia about his own volition, did the authorities commit an unforgivable mistake or was it completed intentionally? For what cause did the authorities wait 12 years to ?go public? plus inside the context of questionable arrests inside California?

We believe which the cause goes back to April of 2001, whenever an Italian businessman inside Rome, having received an provide from a group of Croatian businessmen to invest inside his business using IMO?s because tender, started a routine research to determine the validity of the IMO?s inside query. He took 1 (1) authentic IMO as well as the serial numbers of $ 20,000,000 value of IMO?s to FBI agents John Casenza plus Linda Vidi, at the U.S. Embassy inside Rome, providing his full collaboration must the documents be illegitimate. Casenza called him back about 18 May, 2001, to state which ?truly the only method to check their validity was to deposit them into an account?. The businessman moreover transferred the serial numbers to Bank of America (BofA) for verification. BofA answered (however just verbally by phone) which the serial numbers were ?legit?. His emails plus faxes, asking for verification, to Leticia Duarte, Supervisor at the California State Controllers Offices inside Sacramento were not answered. Cautiously, he had the investors delivered off 100 IMO?s, from Croatia to his partner inside the USA, for verification at their company?s Bank of America branch inside Los Osos, California. This time, BofA refused to accept them, stating which they were ?real?, however couldn’t be accepted for deposit considering ?they were a non-valid account?. (How may ?real? prepaid instruments be a non valid account?!?)

Not having received a answer from Duarte, plus recognizing which full info regarding prepaid documents with an invalid account need to be accessible within the Controller?s Office the businessman logically concluded which the account need to be valid. So, for extra verification, he delivered 1 (1) IMO to his individual account with USAA Federal Savings Bank inside San Antonio, Texas, plus 2 (2) IMO?s to his account with all the Internal Revenue Service, carefully including a letter to both organizations caution them which the instruments might be counterfeit or not valid. All 3 (3) revenue orders were honoured by Bank of America. (What greater proof of validity?)

Shortly afterward, a ?mysterious? investment consultant called Randy Evans presented himself to the Rome businessman?s U.S. associates declaring to represent the W.B.M.B. Enterprise Ltd., a business with experience inside dealing with all the IMO?s plus providing the collaboration of his business inside cashing them inside exchange for a percentage of the proceeds. Evans? Phoenix offices were visited plus from all outward appearances, was legitimate. A contract was finalized with W.B.M.B. for their collaboration inside rendering $ 194,000 inside IMO?s worthwhile. The IMO?s were turned over to Evans? partner, John Buttner, whom was to deposit the IMO?s inside their organization account.

The IMO?s were instantly confiscated by El Paso FBI agent, Kurt Schmidt. Attorney General, John Cornyn, arbitrarily announced the IMO?s to be ?counterfeit?, basing his announcement about the unqualified ?opinion? of Agent Schmidt plus the glib statements advanced by BofA Officials (among the parties that might profit greatly by not honouring the IMO?s). The businessman inside Rome, followed suit by demanding proof plus documentation which the IMO?s were counterfeit addressing his demands straight to Cornyn, the El Paso FBI, the California Controller?s Offices, as well as the Comptroller of the Currency inside Washington D.C. Not 1 individual or agency answered his calls, faxes, or emails! (In 2002, the mysterious Mr. Evans, his organization plus offices disappeared plus info regarding them can not be found.)The businessman, exasperated with all the behavior of the authorities, invoked the Freedom of Information Act, plus finally got an answer about December 19th, 2001, within the Comptroller inside Wash. D.C., stating which the IMO?s were ?not valid documents?, without specifying why. A limited days later the businessman received censored plus abridged documents of questionable value from them!

In January of 2003, Cornyn?s successor, Johnny Sutton, followed suit by issuing an indictment along with a warrant for the arrest of the businessman that wouldn’t stop creating inquiries plus demanding answers from authorities. After carefully Cornyn?s footsteps, Dutton not bothered to make legitimate proof of his allegations place forth inside the indictments. Does this create sense: indicting plus arresting the 1 individual whom wasn’t just qualified to conduct an research into the validity of the IMO?s, whom addressed himself straight to the authorities many qualified to furnish info plus, to incorporate, even offered his collaboration to the authorities inside finding IMO?s nonetheless inside circulation? (In 2003, the California Controller?s Offices totally ignored his provide of cooperation inside finding the IMO?s nevertheless inside circulation, because did the FBI inside Rome inside 2001) Was the businessman getting too close to anything that wasn’t meant for public scrutiny?

Another fascinating feature of the affair is the behavior of officials of Bank of America (BofA), throughout the businessman?s investigations. Whenever pushed for info in regards to the IMO?s, BofA officials responded inside a range of ways:

__ they initially confirmed which the IMO?s were ?legit?,

__ then reported the IMO?s were ?real? however, were ?not a valid account?,

__ then honoured 1 (1) IMO to the businessman?s account with his Texas bank,????

__ then honoured 2 (2) IMO?s to the same businessman?s account with all the Internal

???? Revenue Service,

__ then refused to honour them.

Today these glaring details remain:

?????No official agency has ever produced public the whereabouts of the confiscated IMO?s. The people responsible for the IMO Affair have been capable to go regarding their company undisturbed for over 12 years, weaving a mass of intrigues that eventually enveloped plus obscured each aspect of the IMO?s. In spite of the, 1 businessman inside Rome performing a routine research, was capable to amass a mountain of info to that the FBI, the Texas judiciary, the California Controller?s workplace as well as the Comptroller of the Currency inside D.C. have been unable or unwilling to supply.

?????Neither the Security Pacific National Bank neither the Bank of America have been held responsible for the 1992 ?security breach?.

?????If there is a individual or agency accountable for the $ 700M, they have yet to come forth.

?????Nothing is acknowledged of the income within the 2nd (1996) allotment of $ 700M.

?????Bank of America has reaped wonderful income off their participation inside this affair plus stand to reap a lot more when they are doing not need to honour the IMO?s or to restore the cash lost inside the ?security breach? of 1992/3. It?s not surprising which they reply to inquiries with conflicting plus ignominious declarations.

?????No U.S. government official or agency has ever available an explanation for why IMO?s were employed because a signifies of distributing help to victims of the war-torn nation, whenever you understand full effectively what issues are to be experienced inside cashing these tender where???? reliable banking services are virtually non-existent plus recipients are left some alternatives however, to find private investors that might buy the cash orders at very discounted rates.

?????In January, 2003, a reputable businessman inside Rome plus his company partner were falsely accused of ?conspiracy to commit bank fraud? plus ?bank fraud? inside an indictment issued by Texas Attorney General Johnny Sutton. Nowhere inside Sutton?s indictments, warrants for arrest, plus request for extradition, did he supply fair proof of the accusations prepared against these 2 persons neither did he provide legitimate proof which the IMO?s were counterfeit. The accusations just reflect the opinions of FBI agents plus remarks (albeit conflicting) created by officials of Bank of America, a party that is benefiting economically inside this affair. The Rome businessman that refused to stop his investigations plus insisted about straight answers has been incarcerated 2 instances, placed beneath apartment arrest plus forced to endure both the financial load plus psychological strain to himself plus his family resulting from continuous legal battles inside a notoriously overworked plus inefficient Italian judiciary too conveniently influenced by the capricious arrogance plus heavy-handed actions of U.S. authorities. To add, the venerable Judge Michael S. McDonald of the El Paso, Texas Circuit Court has denied the guy his legal appropriate to representation inside a U.S. courtroom of law stating which he’ll not discuss the matter until the accused is ?in his presence?, therefore locking the accused into an interminable cycle of Italian courtroom hearings plus repeated arrests. All this may go about because lengthy because the U.S. authorities see fit to keep him busy doing anything different than researching this affair. The businessman?s partner (a U.S. citizen) has dropped his opposition to extradition several months ago, yet to date the U.S. authorities have not transmitted marshals to take him into custody plus he remains inside ?limbo? inside a Croatian prison.

?????Ever because its beginnings inside 1990, the IMO Affair has been a carefully guarded secret. Is it potential which the representatives inside the U.S. Government stay uninformed of its existence as well as the final destination of what can be because much because $ 1.4 Billion ?

Considering the gravity of these details, each U.S. citizen has the proper to need well-defined plus precise answers to a great deal of issues concerning the $ 1.4 Billion $ inside query. Let?s begin with all the following:

1.????Was there a U.S. official or agency furnished to control the movement of the $ 700 Million at when they were allocated? Who is the fact that individual? Can he or she give a obvious plus clear accounting of the revenue?

2.????How is it potential which Bank of America honoured 1 IMO to a Texas bank plus 2 IMO?s to the Internal Revenue Service plus then decided to stop payment of others declaring (without providing proof) which the bank instruments were counterfeit ?

3.????Why was an unreliable bank like Security Pacific entrusted with such a big sum cash not just when however 2 occasions?

4.????Security Pacific Bank has not been charged with misappropriation or mishandling of funds inside the 1990 contract with all the U.S. Government, as well as its resurrection plus engagement inside the 1996 contract has not been explained, despite the debacle of its ?security breach? of 1992. Was it held responsible for restitution of the full amount to the US Treasury? If not, why?

5.????What potential path were the IMO?s about that took them from the Philippines plus that designated which path?

6.????Why were the IMO?s ordered ruined inside the Philippines rather of inside the U.S. where their extinction could have been ?tracked? as well as the revenue restored to the U.S. Treasury inside a clear way?

7.????How could funds orders, that are prepaid banking instruments be ordered ruined plus by what authority?

8.????Much info that has surfaced indicates which the IMO?s were not ruined inside the Philippines inside 1993/4, plus various prepared their method to their designated recipients. So why has the government selected to not honour them? How will you learn when any or all of the IMO?s were ruined?

9.????Was an authority ever furnished by the government to establish a process or system for identification of valid, non-valid, or counterfeit IMO?s resulting within the so-called ?breach??

10.????To date, truly the only ?procedure? used by U.S. authorities for verification of the validity of the IMO?s, whenever forced to reply to inquiries, has been the approval of the opinion of 2 naive FBI agents plus the glib statements provided by Bank of America officials whom have an invested interest inside seeing which the IMO?s are brought inside without to pay for them. Is there an authority capable to give a system or process for positive identification/verification that is used for other people looking to check them?

11.????The Controller?s Offices of the State of California, as well as the Comptroller of the Currency – Administrator of National Banks inside Washington, D.C., have yet to answer with transparent plus uncensored documentation despite many requests for info guided for them. Why?

12.????Could the revenue reported inside the 1996 contract have been a technique of ?recycling? the income within the 1990 contract? If thus, whom is the US Official that may vouch for this with obvious plus uncensored documentation?

13.???? If the initial $ 700M that were allocated inside 1990 were not recycled from the 2nd (1996) contract, this signifies which $ 1.4 billion $ is unaccounted for. Who is to answer for this funds?

14.????Why has the Investigative Department of the California Controllers Office not responded to the Rome businessman?s provide to support them inside procuring info in regards to the IMO?s nevertheless inside circulation inside Europe?

15.????In 2001, solicited by the businessman?s colleagues inside the U.S., a spokesperson inside the offices of both Senator Barbara Boxer plus Senator Dianne Feinstein guaranteed a Congressional???? research into the IMO?s. Why haven?t they followed from about this?

16.????The International Trading Holding, Co. of NY remains an enigma. What is known???? regarding this firm apart from it?s being called inside the 1996 contract (together with Security???? Pacific) because the handler of the $ 700M?

17.????What regarding the character of the National Bank of America? Certainly their records should show anything.

18.????How could the U.S. Government explain which, despite Security Pacific National Bank?s disgraceful performance inside 1992/3, as well as its ?absorption? by Bank of America inside 1993, Security Pacific was granted another contract inside 1996 with a Company called International Trading Holding Co. of NY.????SPNB was to furnish banking instruments (IMO?s) for a total of $ 700 million $ for ?commercial matters guided towards humanitarian Purposes?. the funds to be guaranteed by The National Bank of America with a commission of four.8% to be paid to Security Pacific (Bank of America) for services rendered?????

19.????Was the 1996 contract actually another assignment for Security Pacific or merely a repeat of the older contract finalized inside 1990, a smart ?device? from that any funds recuperated from confiscated IMO?s may be guided to alternative escapades?

20.????Have the authentic $ 700 M allotted by the government inside 1990 been redirected to different (maybe covert and/or secret) escapades generating it needed for BofA plus government officials to label the IMO?s because ?counterfeit? plus to stage ?mock? arrests?

We invite we to read about when you?re interested inside understanding more. Documentation plus further details can be requested by contacting: [email protected]


I used to live in New Jersey and got a ticket for no proof of insurance and after that moved to Florida and missed my court date for the ticket in NJ. I received a letter from NJ later on saying I have an arrest warrant. I want to know if I can clear this up without going to jail, or what are some appropriate steps I can take?

Answer by GHSIII
Call the clerk of the court (from a pay phone) and ask them. They may allow you to just pay the fines and fees and be done. If they tell you there is no way out, hang up and hire an attorney.

Answer by LOOSEB
if you go to the court house with the notification they will probably let you pay a fine and if you cannot pay right away they will give you a time period to pay.

Answer by defendant
If a warrant has been issued for your arrest. The only way to clear it up would be by an arrest. You stated you now live in Florida. If you are stopped by law enforcement there, the warrant will show up, but it will be up to the restrictions of the extradition from the state of NJ if they want to pursue it. It other words, is what you have been charged with worth them transporting you back. Your license have probably been revoked from NJ, so you will be looking at a citation in Florida for ” Driving while license revoked “. I would call NJ’s clerk of court in the county you wrote in and advise them you have moved to Florida and see how you can take care if it. Good Luck !