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INTERPOL Withdraws Arrest Warrant Against Equatorial Guinea's Vice President

Last month, a United States federal judge granted the Vice President's motion for summary judgment, which dismissed the U.S. government's claims that the Vice President had violated the laws of Equatorial Guinea. The judge ruled that the U.S …
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I am already not located in the states and don’t plan on coming back. I just want to know if I travel to any countries if there would be an issue because I have this felony warrant present? Will they just send me back if I try to enter the country or will I be held and extradited back to the united states. My warrant is for not that big of a charge. It was a domestic violence.

Answer by ggg
alot of countries wont let you in and you are likely to get sent back to the USA

Answer by MikeGolf
Are you asking if other countries would welcome in criminals fleeing justice?

If you were running the government of a country – woud you allow criminals in?

Answer by the wizard of north Barrie
I have seen a lot of people try to enter into a foreign country with the law looking for them, the short answer, at least as far as going to canada goes, warrants and criminal records CAN bar you from entering certain countries.