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arrest warrant jury duty

I simply fount out now which I have an arrest warrant for lost jury duty. I didn’t even recognize I had jury duty! I reside over 8 hours away from my house town. I don’t like to do jail time for not understanding regarding it. I’m 19, married with a 2 year aged. not been inside trouble plus i’m 7 months expecting with my 2nd baby. Someone aid please! I don’t think jail is a area for a expecting mother!

Answer by Praise Mormos
Talk to an lawyer.

Answer by Smilin’_Bob_The_Enzyte┬«_Guy
Write a letter to the Clerk of Court ( or better yet call them) for the county inside that you were expected to serve, plus tell them we have moved, plus had moved lengthy before being asked to serve about jury duty. They must disregard the charge..

Answer by Hmmm
Try phoning the courthouse to explain the condition.