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District court: Sentence handed down for KODY car theft

Denver Lindsey, 23, was sentenced to 180 days in the county jail on charges of theft and fleeing to avoid arrest. His driver's license will be suspended for a year at the end of … Coleman pled guilty in a deal with the county attorney that reduced …
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Son’s mother has a $ 15,000 arrest warrant for selling drugs. Police either wont pick her up or she is hiding. Can I go to the court house and ask the judge or the state attorney for some sort of emergency custody order? She still meets me every other weekend for our visitation exchange.

Answer by davidmi711
Sure. You can also bring the police along for the exchange.

Answer by laughter_every_day
I don’t know of any system that allows you to just show up at the office of the judge. There must be some sort of motion and the particulars depend on where in the world you are. The prosecutor has no authority to grant or deny any such request in any state or nation that I know if.

I do not know of any court that would automatically grant your request.

Answer by Diana
do u love her
if not then get a bounty hunter to work with you then on the day that u go to meet her get her then you will get custody of the child either way and you will have some extra money
if you don’t want to cause trouble
then go to court and say that do to her warrant and her history with drugs she is an unfit mother for the child