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LMPD: Louisville girl arrested following threatening President Obama

According to the arrest warrant, Tammy K. Wadley, age 27, was at the Heine Brothers&#39 Espresso shop on Bardstown Rd., in close proximity to the Watterson Expressway, on Thursday just ahead of one p.m., when she allegedly began producing feedback about blowing up the developing&nbsp…
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obama arrest warrant

Wouldn’t that be an wonderful court docket situation ?

Response by Boing
ha ha ha! obama may be smart to steer obvious of az when he campaigns again.

Reply by T
no it would utterly dumb and a waste of time which would trigger her to resign and dedicate herself to a psychological establishment…..


Response by R8derMike
The response is no.
Very first, he is not a illegal immigrant residing in AZ.
2nd, he is a natural born citizen of the Usa.
3rd, I don’t feel she would want to be related with birthers.

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