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My BF’s sister has a simple assault charge against her. My BF was called by the booking sergeant a few days ago and asked a few questions. He said to him that he has to send it to the prosecutor’s office, then they will issue a warrant for her arrest. How long does it normally take?

Answer by Michael
Depends on how busy the office is. If this is a misdemeanor charge, the prosecutor has up to a year to file a charge.

The warrant for her arrest is not issued by the prosecutor’s office, they present an application for an arrest warrant to a judge, who signs off on the warrant.

There may already be a warrant out for her. It is not uncommon for persons with pending arrest warrants not to be notified. Some cities have web sites that you can check to see who has warrants out for them. Or, your sister can simply call the prosecutor’s office and ask about the charge.