Oregon Arrest Warrants – Sweep Targets Parents Who Owe Child Support

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oregon arrest warrants
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Have you ever been so pressed for time that you couldn’t bother to write out a Christmas card? This easy to use template will solve all your (initial) problems by creating another really big one.

This card is perfect for that relative that stopped talking to you. You know, the passive-aggressive one that never explained why. Or it could go to the guys at the tire store and maybe another to that one coffee barista with the face tattoo. Although it is less endearing than your average arrest warrant, it does say that you thought enough to buy a stamp. Hell, if you want to really jazz it up, have it notarized. Shit, hire a process server! Now that’s class!

Though this card is specifically designed for a male college student, it can be modified to address your individual needs. Use it judiciously and at your own risk.

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Sweep Targets Parents Who Owe Child Support
Authorities are cracking down on parents who refuse to pay child support.
Read more on FOX 12 Oregon

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