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Free Arrest Warrant Search – Do I Have Any Active Arrest Warrants

Do you think that you might have an arrest warrant?

Are you looking for a free arrest warrant search because you think that there might be an active arrest warrant issued for you? Do you think that you have done something wrong or are you worried that you might have a warrant through no fault of your own?

If you know that you’ve committed a crime then you know that there is a good chance that a warrant has been issued on you. If this is the case then your best course of action is to get a lawyer and hand yourself in. If you don’t then you are going to have to live the life of an outlaw.

You might have a warrant for silly reasons, like forgetting to turn up in court or failing to pay a fine for something. If this happens then you most likely have collected a Bench Warrant. It’s the same as an arrest warrant as far as you are concerned, it will get you arrested just the same.

You can end up with a warrant even when you haven’t done anything wrong. The police only have to think that you are involved in a crime and they can get a warrant for you. Someone might even be impersonating you when they committed the crime and the police have details of your identity instead of the criminals.

Do nothing and get a free arrest warrant search

You could just ignore the fact that you might have an arrest warrant. Sooner or later you will get stopped for some minor traffic offence or routine inspection. When this happens the police will reward you by doing a free warrant search for you. If they find that you have a warrant they will most likely arrest you right there.

You don’t have to wait to be stopped by the police. You could just go to them and ask if you have any warrants. They will do a warrant search for free but again, they are likely to arrest you if the search finds an active warrant.

Free warrant searches at the courthouse

Do you know which county your warrants were issued in? You should know this if you forgot to turn up in court for instance. If so then you can go to the county courthouse and ask. This should be free in most cases and it won’t get you arrested unless the warrant is for something very serious. You have to go to the right courthouse for this to work though. They will probably not be able to search other county records for you.

If you aren’t sure which county the warrant is in then you could try state records. Most counties feed their records up to the state but the process can be slow and sometimes not very reliable. To be on the safe side you should check warrant records at the county and state level.

Search for free arrest warrants in public records

Arrest warrants are public records and there are some web sites that are making it their business to collect all publicly available records from across the nation into a huge database. They then organize the data and make it all available to you for easy searching nationwide.

These public records web sites are very effective at finding information about people fast and it’s not just arrest warrants either. You can search for criminal records and all sorts of background information. You can also do the search on anyone you want to, not just yourself.

Depending on which public records web site you use, you can either pay a small fee for each search that you do or, you can pay a small monthly subscription and do as many free arrest warrant searches as you want to. You can search nationwide and background check practically anyone.

The only criminals in this case are the ‘alleged’ Officials It is illegal to even stop someone on the road without a WARRANT unless the officer WITNESSES them commit a crime. The common man or woman has NO obligation to contract with the government or enter into servitude to ANYONE … They have NO obligation to identify themselves to anyone.. as lpong as they have committed no crime. However ALL Government servants are REQUIRED to and MUST Identify themselves to everyone before they have any authority to touch them, talk to them or disturb them in any way… absent a warrant.. the men and women have the right to use equal or GREATER FORCE against an unlawful arrest or entry into their home. Joe, Alan, and Star have committed NO CRIMES and have broken NO Laws. There is NO Warrant for ANY of them, and the only crime here was the sheriff’s and Bail enforcement LYING, refusing to identify themselves, failing to produce a warrant, breaking and entering, terrorist threats, and vandalism… not to mention kidnapping, attempted murder, death threats, denial of due process, fraud upon the court, and more. And according to local policy in Kern county, the sheriff can not even accompany a Bail agent.. so what were they doing when they busted in Star’s home claiming to have a warrant, then saying they don’t need a warrant? If they HAD one, they would have produced it, but instead they wouldn’t even identify themselves. They are very lucky Star was only armed with a camera please
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