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California Arrest Warrant
SPOKANE, Wash – Spokane Law enforcement declared Monday afternoon an arrest warrant has been filed for Joshua Tillery, 33, on a cost of 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of Devon Mack, 33. The taking pictures transpired at a house in the 4500 block of …


Arrest warrant issued for Calif contractor

Santa Barbara County authorities have issued an arrest warrant for an unlicensed contractor who is accused of scamming nearly $ 5 million from people who lost their homes in two wildfires. The Santa Barbara News-Press reports ( …
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Man Arrested In California For The Sexual Assault Of A 4-Year-Old In Michigan

Johnson was arrested in California on charges of Possession of Child Abusive Materials. He was convicted in California on charges from that arrest. On March 26, 2013 the 80th District Court of Clare County issued an arrest warrant for Johnson, charging …
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Chad Johnson Arrest Warrant Issued In South Florida – Huffington Post

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson in South Florida. The state attorney’s office confirmed Thursday that a Broward circuit judge issued a warrant May 7 against Johnson for failing to report to his …
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Hatchet-wielding hitchhiker who intervened in California attack arrested in NJ

Caleb “Kai” McGillvary, who became known as “Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker” after intervening in an attack on a California utility worker, was arrested on a murder warrant at a Philadelphia bus station, according to Union County Prosecutor …
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Southern California man arrested for explosives in tunnels under house

The incident began at about 8:30 a.m. when an arrest warrant was served on a suspect, whose name was not released Tuesday. The suspect was on active community supervision status for assault with a deadly weapon and had prior arrests for possession of …
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Arrest Warrant Issued For Chad Johnson For Alleged Probation Violation

Arrest Warrant Issued For Chad Johnson For Alleged Probation Violation. May 16, 2013 4:29 PM. View Comments. Chad Johnson Mugshot (Source: Broward Sheriff’s Office). Filed under. News. Related tags. Arrest Warrant, Batterers Intervention Program, …
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Report: Arrest warrant issued for ex-Pats WR

A warrant has been issued in Florida for the arrest of former Patriots wide receiver Chad Johnson, according to TMZ. Johnson reportedly failed to report to his probation officer, which violated the terms of his probation. Johnson, formerly known as …

Arrest warrants issued for several registered sex offenders

Arrest warrants have been issued for several registered sex offenders who have failed to re-register under the new three-tiered registry system. Channel 11’s Renee Kaminski reported that there are about 40 registered sex offenders who live in and …
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There is certainly a warrant out for my moms arrest in California because she never completed spending the fines from profitable on the value is right. Hahah


The Arrest Warrant for John C Kim, Case No. 95...

The Arrest Warrant for John C Kim, Case No. 95CR00214 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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1. Born and raised from the state of NY
2. Moved to California
3. Arrested 1 time in NY when I was 19 but all charges were dropped
4. Will this arrest show up in California if they run a background check if both my address and drivers license are now from California?

Answer by jay j
baddd girl!………….., ..No! u said they were dropped so is not on ur record

Answer by nicole [ilk]
if they were dropped im sure it wont show up

but go to your local police departments website, google them if you dont know (like mines hernando county sherrifs office) then you can go and look up people for their arrests and just do your own name, whatever shows up will be what they find, most likely

Was arrested a few years ago on 2 charges but the case was dismissed due to a time lapse on the D.A.’s part in filing the charges. Now I’m looking into getting an expungement to clear up my record, even though I don;t have any convictions on it and I want to know if an expungement will clear up my arrest record as well, or if it is just meant to clear up a record of convictions?

Answer by dobberx
Took me just a few minutes to find this (you couldn’t do it?):

Good luck!

Answer by John S
You cannot get an “expungement” under Pen C 1203.4, because all that really does is dismiss a conviction, and you don’t have a conviction. You can get a finding of factual innocence under Pen C 861.8 only if there was no reasonable cause to believe you committed an offense. A dismissal of a complaint due to a time limitation will NOT be a sufficient basis for a finding of factual innocence.

This is in the state of California. I got arrested for shoplifting a couple of years ago. The charge disposition is dismissed misdemeanor and I plead “no contest” as advised by my lawyer. Can I still get this arrest record sealed and destroyed? Is there anything that can be possibly done to get this arrest off my record for the public to see because right now when I search my name at our state court database my arrest and case information shows up 🙁 I need serious answers please.

Answer by Arthur W
Right now the only way that is going to happen is if youre under 18 as Juvenile records are sealed anyway by law at 18. Otherwise with many tones and citys cutting costs if youre an Adult youre stuck with this for some time to come, sorry

Answer by garrytoo
no, arrest records like driving records follow you all your life.

Answer by q S
Not if you plea no contest.

What happens if I get pulled over in a motorcycle without a motorcycle license in california? Do i get arrested? Will I get a point on my class c driving record?
Whats the worst case scenario

Answer by Hari Gautam
Depends on the cop what he chooses to do like in any other place!

Answer by Justin Walter
You can look up your state laws on the internet. The motorcycle would most likely get impounded and you would get a fine but I don’t think arrested, not sure though, I’m not sure if you would get a point, here is a better idea, get your motorcycle license
And to the previous answer no it does not depend on the cop it depends on the state laws

Answer by Brad A.
Your motorcycle will be towed
You will be arrested for driving without a license/insurance/registration
You will lose your driving privileges for a determined amount of time
Heavy fines
and absolute worst case is loss of license and jail for repeat offenders.

What is the law and fines in California for playing loud music in a car that is parked in an apartment gated area? Who do you complain to if the music being played in the car is spilling explicit lyrics of profanity and sex.

Answer by roadhazzards
It’s a noise ordinance in the vehicle code, if some 50 feet from your car can hear the music you’re in violation

Answer by viewAskew
it’s considered a nuisance and disturbing the peace. Fines will never be big enough.

I don;t mind music coming from a car but if it is so loud or has so much bass coming from it that it disturbs others then I would like the offender to be fined for it.

There’s this jacka ss that comes home every night between 1am-3am with bass pounding. Drives me crazy.

Answer by §??‹(•¿•)›?»-(¯`v´¯)-»\
In my state it’s called Noise Ordinance.