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Hi. If I am to pay $ 224 for a J-Walking ticket on Wed, April tenth in LA County….how lengthy soon after that day will an arrest warrant be issued? Like, what is the approach to do this and how precedence is it for a choose to put this warrant out. I cannot spend on the tenth and I cannot get any extension, so no need to suggest normally as I have fatigued myself making an attempt to do so. Thanks for your help in advance. Any knowledge with your personal situations is appreciated as properly!

Response by Go with the stream
$ 224 for j-walking?
Even a visitors ticket only charges about $ 70.
What ended up you carrying out strolling naked with a machine gun?

Reply by Steve D
if the tenth is an genuine court day, the arrest warrant will go out the very same day when you do not display up for court docket. If the tenth is just the owing day, the court docket will issue a summons inside of a couple of days – just know that if that transpires, that $ 224 will go up when they insert in court docket charges.