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illegal arrest warrant

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) August 22, 2012

August 22nd, Rapid Recovery Solutions, a Long Island debt collection agency, reacts to an post published found on the Star Tribune that sheds light found on the arrest of debt collector Khemall Kenny Jokhoo, whom defrauded financial organizations plus stole identities by accessing customer databases plus credit bureaus.

According to the post, Jokhoo had misrepresented himself because a attorney, harassed debtors over very older, uncollectible accounts, created unauthorized withdrawals from debtors’ financial organizations, cashed forged checks plus concealed a before unlawful record about at minimum 7 state license applications because 2005. The Star Tribune explains which investigators obtained look warrants to look Jokhoos apartment where they seized evidence implicating Jokhoo was concerned inside bank scam plus aggravated identity theft.

The post states which Jokhoo had employed increasingly wrong plus aggressive techniques whenever collecting, accessing social safety numbers, work history, plus more individual info, utilizing a product by LexisNexis called Accurint for Collections. After getting this info, Jokhoo was capable to contact folks plus harass them for funds. Additionally, Star Tribune explains which Jokhoo called financial organizations plus impersonated folks.

According to John Monderine, CEO of debt collection agency Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc., This really is a ideal illustration of thieves not caring regarding the regulations. This crooks actions usually really create points harder for the law abiding debt collection agencies.

According to the post, Lonsdale authorities plus investigators with all the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force searched Jokhoo’s house plus seized checks, financial documents plus 2 computers which contained the individual info of victims plus company records for Jokhoo’s fast. Jokhoo was being investigated because February of 2010 plus had finally been arrested, delivering an end to his aggressive plus illegal debt collection techniques.

Founded inside 2006, Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. is headquartered at the greatest point of gorgeous Long Island. Rapid Recovery Collection Agency is committed to recovering a funds. We believe which each debtor has the ability to pay when inspired properly. We DO NOT alienate the debtors; you attempt to align with them plus provide a amount of methods to solve not merely a debt and all their debts.