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The terror in Gaza is clearly immoral and illegal. Israel is killing civilians and bobing children in their homes. It is no use saying we try not to. This is rubbish. When they kill Hamas leaders in their homes they know their kids are there. When they bomb mosques, they KNOW kids are there. Should the world issue arrest warrants for war crimes and terrorism? Can Israel get any more cowardly?

Answer by Crystal
do you not realize that hamas has been sending rockets into public places in israel for like forever?? Israel is fed up! If canada sent some rockets our way what do you think we’d do?

Answer by Nat T
The same could be said of Palestine’s leaders as well. If we tried arresting all the bad guys in those countries there would be almost no leadership left to actually run the two places. They operate on a whole other level from the rest of the world.

Answer by crazytrain_23_78
Yea. they should just forget the rockets that Hamas has sent into Israel with the intent on killing Israeli civilians.

Ohhh but let’s get tough on Israel for their response!!!

Look if the Palestinians wanted peace.. they would force Hamas to quit attacking Israeli cities. simple as that. as long as that condone it… well they suffer the consequences.