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For illustration, following an indictment within the grand jury has been issued, is the detective responsible for ensuring the arrest warrant is issued inside a timely way or is it from the detective’s hands when a case has gone to the grand jury?
Thanks guys, for a answers. I haven’t yet figured out how to answer to issues answered.

Answer by ben
in many places the officer or detective files a report along with a document called a probable cause statement. this really is a supplement to the report which is reduce to the whom, what, where, plus whenever of the crime. this might be the request for a warrant.

it then goes to the courtroom plus inside several places the prosecutor forwards it to the judge, plus inside alternative places it goes straight to the judge.

presuming the charges are filed the law enforcement aspect is almost completed till courtroom alternative than creating an arrest.

Answer by jkabell22
Lot of the procedural stuff is different from state to state. Many states never even employ grand juries. For the sake of the query, once the grand jury indictment comes down along with a warrant has been issued for an arrest the district lawyer usually hand the warrant to a detective or whoever was inside charge for delivering forth the research. Then which individual together with others can carry out the warrant.

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