Orange County Arrest Warrant 2013

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A search warrant was issued for any place where my property was because someone who got arrested claimed I had what they stole. The first residence they police searched I have not lived at or presided at for over a month. The second place was where I was keeping some of my things at . The person whose house it was is so mad about the incident she refuses to let me get the rest of my stuff or let me see the list of items that was taken from her house or let me know the city that was doing the investigation . I tried the local police and maybe 6 other surrounding cities and no one can help me figure it out. I live in Orange County Ca

Answer by Jim K
Even if it was issued in another town or county, don’t the local police have to be notified when a warrant is executed in their jurisdiction?

Answer by fr_chuck
Hello, a city police force from another city does not come into your city and search. Thier officers would be out of thier jurisdiction, They would have the police from that area do the search ( maybe with one of the orginal city officer present)

Next it may not be the city police, it can be county police or sheriff office, it could be one of the many state police departments, or even Federal police.

Next the police do not issue warrants, they merely serve them.
So a court with jurisdiction over the area where your house or property was located. So a county or state judge will have had to issue the search warrant.

Answer by VanJohn ?
I will offer you some additional information about search warrants, some of which will not match some above information.

Presumably the police left a copy of the search warrant at the search site, but the copy does not identify the officer or the agency that initiated it. It will have the name of the judge on it onlyl

Police from other counties and even other states can obtain a search warrant for an Orange County address. It’s common and there is a procedure for this. Often though, the local police beat officers will be called as an initial security and uniform presence during (at least) the entry. But it ‘could’ have originated from outside your city and even county.

You’re right about the frustration of not immediately knowing what agency is the investigating agency, if no one left a business card or told someone at the search site. It will eventually be researchable to you. When a search warrant is sought, a copy of it with the ‘affidavit’ is filed at the court (Orange County). This is where newspaper reporters get alot of their information. But the affidavit may not be public record yet, so you won’t have access to it. The defendant will most likely know. He knows who’s investigating him.

In the short term you might ask to speak with a patrol sgt in the city jurisdiction you live. He or she may have been asked to provide a few officers by the agency serving the sw. Seek daytime sgt.

Ask at the office of the court clerk how you can at least learn the agency that requested the SW. Bring a copy of it with you.