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International Detain Warrant
Arrest cause out for British-born Boko Haram deserter

Nigeria has supplied an international arrest warrant for a British-born Boko Haram deserter, who will be a believe in 2 bombings within Abuja of which killed no less than 90 folks, government authorities said. Typically the scene of the car explosive device blast which in turn killed ratings in Nyanya…
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Okay therefore I’m creating a short film in terms of a serial monster who gets rid of someone within Germany then goes to the to destroy more folks. I need to understand if it’s easy for the A language like german authorities to get evidence of typically the serial monster (so that they know he will the us and exactly what he seems like) plus report this to the Us authorities. Will they do that or perhaps is it accomplish big deal? With thanks: D

Answer by simply YAHOO
there seemed to be an actual circumstance of this i believe the person was right from france

gong8deng gong9deng Answer by Waschzuber gong10deng gong7deng the chain of command for international arrest warrant is in that case:

LKA (local crime investigation germans) -> BKA (federal crime investigation germany) -> InterPol -> ALL OF US authorities

gong8deng gong9deng Answer by bomshiva gong10deng gong7deng you people are talking small deal
better join hand for population control ideas like creating another off=gun war, Nepalese mob war, whole African war or Europe civil war,,,,,,,, and better know that north or south heading for another population control DEAL> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < <