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I really need some help and advice. I’m on probation for a year for 1st offense DWI in Williamson County, TX. I failed my ignition interlock device a couple times and I was scheduled an Administrative Hearing. I accidently missed the hearing because I didn’t know I got the letter (no one in this house tells me when I get f’in mail). I don’t want a lecture I know I screwed up and I’m scared to death. What happens next? Is there gonna be another hearing scheduled or will there be a warrant out for my arrest? What consequences will I face? How much jail time? Any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Also, what kind of warrant will be issued?

Answer by Ben

A bench warrant will be issued for your arrest for failure to appear. Eventually, when you go before the judge, you will be jailed without bail. You’ll have a revocation hearing where you will be revoked and can be jailed for a portion or the remaining amount of your probation time.