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(PRWEB) April 30, 2004

Imagine having your car stolen one day. You call the police, they arrest the criminal, and you think your ordeal is over, or is it?

All across Georgia there are inmates being released through a technicality known as ?Riverside?. This refers to a court case in which a person must appear before a judge for a bond within 48 hours without an arrest warrant, 72 hours with a warrant.

Sounds simple, right? Well, just wait.

The most confusing part of this dilemma is how inmates are released because the Judge or District Attorney doesn?t have any paperwork on the arrest of the inmate. No warrant, no affidavit, nothing to prove the charges against the person and the only remedy to this issue is to give the person a signature bond (sign himself / herself out of jail with the promise to return) or to dismiss the case and let the District Attorney directly indict the case. The problem with this is that a person who has committed a violent crime and is released through the Riverside decision could commit another crime, seek revenge on the victim, or even retaliate against the original complainant and causing more crime.

EWarrant is a Smyrna Georgia based company that solves this issue by providing the needed warrants through a secure website that is available through any computer connected to the internet. With this service, the Judge or District Attorney can find probable cause to keep the criminal in jail and keep them off the streets.

Access to the eWarrant system is through registering for an account on and then searching for the warrant number that you want to view. You can view the warrants, share them with other eWarrant users, email the warrant to non eWarrant users, and print the warrants from the site.

The warrant images on this system are courtroom quality and are available a lot faster than waiting on a fax, waiting on a courier, and more secure than requesting the warrant to be read over the phone.

More information on eWarrant is available at