Arrest Warrant In Georgia

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Crime Notebook: 2 arrested on separate domestic violence charges; nightclub

Rusty Wade Nale, 25, was served with a magistrate's court bench warrant issued after Nale allegedly failed to appear in court on a charge of criminal domestic violence. Gunfire at … A Georgia man was arrested in Lugoff after shots were fired at a …

arrest warrant in georgia

Arrest warrant is for Aggravated Stalking & Violating a Protective order on Several Occasions; in Georgia.

Answer by Mr. Goodhi ©
Maybe their location is unknown?

Answer by CAT ^
With these two very serious charges, it shouldn’t. Call the detective assigned and get him/her out beating the streets.

Answer by Alex H
A couple of reasons. The location of the person is not known, or the offense is not considered sever. He hasn’t been in trouble with the law since the warrant was issued because if he was they would have ran his info through the system. At that point he would have been arrested.