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Damn! Toya Wright Arrested In Georgia (PHOTO)

The details surrounding the arrest are sketchy at best — with one law enforcement official telling us Wright was pulled over in College Park, GA yesterday … and during the stop, the cop noticed a warrant out for her arrest. We're told … the warrant …
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The person I am wondering about, if such warrant exists, would originate from Georgia, but I do not know the exact county or city. I’d rather not spend any money in the search.

Answer by Dick
Then just have him walk into a police station and ask. If they haul him off in cuffs you will have you answer.

Answer by Mark
Legally you Cant.

If you Know somebody in the Police, they might…. but there is no Way that you can look at somebody’s Police Files… the only way you can do it, It to be that person.

Data Protection Act 1988.

Answer by ranger_co_1_75
I don’t know what part of America that the person posting the previous answer lives in, but in the America I live in, Arrest Warrants are public information and must be released according to federal law.

To keep a warrant secret takes an application to the court to show that release of the information on the warrant would endanger an on-going investigation.

So unless your friend is part of an ongoing sting or undercover investigation, all you need to do is call the county court that issued the warrant, or call the local police dept.