Arrest Warrant Austin Tx 2013

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I was in a car with a friend and we got pulled over for speeding. He got a speeding ticket, but I got caught with paraphernalia in Austin, TX. This was over 12 years ago. Like I said I never went to court because I skipped town and went to Arizona. Is there a warrant out for my arrest or is it dismissed? Who do I contact to get this resolved?

Answer by Jersey
there is a warrant out for your arrest
have you been in trouble since — gotten pulled over for anything?– if so, they would have found out you have a warrant if youve gotten pulled over and checked then you are fun

if not….you can call up the court place but once you turn yourself in to pay you will have an arrest

Answer by Hanley’s Bar
I doubt in Austin, that’s going to be the case. That is like, the weed capital (hope it was weed paraphanelia). I would know bc I used to live there. And after that many years, they have definitely dropped it off the books.