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uk arrest warrant

okay im 15 years of age plus i snuck my ideal friend into my home at 1 am. my ideal friend ran away from house. plus my mother had no idea she was there. her dad discovered she was there plus got a cop to receive her. he is today sayin there is a warrant out for my arrest. is the fact that even potential?

Answer by sunshine
he possibly would like to scare u, I guess he did. Check very call ur clerk of courts.

Answer by Jim M
Entirely potential with a small fibbing.

I might go to the authorities station with Mom plus ask for the authorities report. Read it. Give it to Mom. While you may be there because regarding the warrant. If there isn’t 1 tell the desk officer which we were terrorized bythe cop (which is what “he” signifies because we wrote it) or her dad. I am not certain how they might feel regarding it.

If there is anything incorrect found on the authorities report document it inside notes to oneself. And then provide a copy to the police. Filing a fake authorities report is a definite crime.

Answer by nutty1nutty1
Who is suggesting there is a warrant out for a arrest? The neighbors dad?

If there was clearly a warrant out for the arrest you are able to bet you’d have been arrested at this point considering the initial region they might have looked for we is at home!

Her father is possibly striving to scare we. He possibly blames we inside certain method for his daughter running away.

I’m presuming a friend is 15 years of age furthermore?

It is not up against the law for a 15 year older to run away. No crime has been committed plus therefore no warrant is issued. The authorities might have been concerned considering the friend might have been reported because missing plus consequently they need to check which the runaway is secure plus return her to her parents custody.

I’m not certain what the actual law is where you may be from in the UK when a runaway refuses to return house the authorities cannot force those to because lengthy because they have a secure area of home.