How To Know If A Warrant Is Out For Your Arrest

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Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 1, 2008

Have you ever wanted to look up the dirt on a boyfriend or girlfriend, family member, new friend; but didn’t know where to go? Finding information on the Internet can be difficult and expensive without a lot of time and training. Individual searches are time consuming, and most people do not know what sites to look into to find the correct information.

Most people are not even aware of some of the things that are out there about themselves on the Internet, or have forgotten most of what could be out there.

Even with all of the technology that exists on the Internet today there has been a failure to tie together public information and truly finding the correct information on people. The only resources that have existed are vastly expensive and offer no guarantee they will find the answer.

There is a free resource that has just become available online called claiming they have the answer.

Thousands of people have already run the “Dirt” on themselves, and the results have been somewhat shocking. From someone finding out they have an active warrant out for their arrest to a high profile personality finding out they were unauthorized members of corporations. This site will have a major impact on the way we look up people on the Internet.

Searches now can be made of the available sites on the Internet looking for public record data to make finding information on people easy and free. While searching for results the site also calculates a “Dirty Score” counting the number of times someone’s name is found. This ties together all of the online resources that have yet to be available in one place. Finding this information before “DirtSearch” has been impossible, the states and local governments make it available but horribly difficult to find and even harder to use.

The site confidently searches by state and searches through over 1700 sites looking for “Dirt”. Sites include criminal records, sex offenders, property ownership and much more! is a free resource to the public, the way public records were meant to be found.


If I don’t have a copy of the warrant of arrest of that particular person, can police office can still arrest Him/her?

Answer by wizjp
If there is an order in their system to hold you for an outstanding warrant, they can act on it.

Answer by ranger_co_1_75
In the USA, police can make an arrest based on probable cause. If the dispatcher or the Law Enforcement Data computer in the police car says there is a warrant for someones arrest, that is probable cause to believe the warrant exist. Yes, the police officer can arrest you without the warrant in hand based on probable cause.

Answer by Dash
Hand your self in, faster you do faster you get out.