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As an example say if i get pulled over what can and cant i do same applies to getting arrested is there anything that can help get me out of certain situations?

Answer by TTYN
-You have the right to remain silent
some cops may make you believe that if you don’t talk that you’ll get in trouble but you won’t. You don’t have to say anything. So after they arrest you and ask questions you respond by saying: I want a lawyer. After that, they can’t bother you until you get a lawyer.

-You don’t have to let them into your house. Don’t ever let cops into your house.

Answer by Demetrius R
law enforcement officers generally enjoy discretion when executing arrest powers unless they are mandatory like dui or dwi (because some states require the actually test be conducted at the detention facility). Cooperate where appropriate; however searches without probable cause should be avoided. If you are cited and the officer gives you the citation after you have signed it; you are free to go. Do not wait around (drug dog en route); nor does the officer have to tell you when to go. I have read countless cases and even one Texas case through out a federal felony conviction because the officer unlawfully detained a motorist after he gave him the citation because he felt he had drug in the car (which he did). You do not have to answer questions; just required to give license, registration, and insurance. Where you are going, where you have been, how, when or where are feeler questions called “drug interdiction”. If you have a passenger the same applies because once you answer and the stories don’t match. It may give rise to probable cause and a search without a warrant. These are examples.

Answer by Joshua
Besides the right to remain silent, they also can’t search your car without a warrant. The most they can do is just look inside. However, if they ask to search your car and you say yes, then you’ve already given up that right.