Can Police Enter A House With An Arrest Warrant 2013


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Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez arrives at his home inside North Attleborough

Aaron Hernandez stayed a free guy Saturday, even because reports installed which an arrest warrant has been prepared to charge him with interfering with all the research into the shooting death of the guy whom was dating his girlfriend's sister. Police invested …
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can authorities enter a home with an arrest warrant

Im not getting inside detail nevertheless I am a law abiding citizen have a ideal record however 1 of my neighbors from function comes over to hang out plus I discovered he is about probation. Could the police enter my apartment to serve an arrest warrant about him? If thus what plus what not may they are doing?

Answer by Stratty
Can the authorities arrest somebody? Yes.

Answer by Georgio
they could do what they wish.
Tunisa- the NDAA didn’t pass supreme courtroom. They ruled it unconstitutional.

Answer by Tunisa
Go to the white apartment site.
Read the NDAA (bill) Obama SIGNED.
Dictator Obama, 2014.





    Indian Police can arrest anybody from his/her Home at any time with reliable source of crime with warrant subject to the exemption for some time that the acused is doing Surgery (if he is a Medical officer), Lady with feeding kid, bed ridden patient (serious condition). One can avail Anticipatry Bail through Court to avoid arrest from home. Consult nearby Advocate, they will claim AB.

  2. scott b says:

    Yes. They will knock, and tell you you have someone in your house that has a warrant for their arrest. If you then don’t let them in to arrest them, they will arrest YOU for harboring him and obstructing justice.

  3. garrytoo says:

    yes they can enter your home if they know he is there If contraband is in plain sight they can arrest you also.

  4. Burt. says:

    yes, they can. What actually happens depends a lot on how your freind responds to the situation. Hopefully your friend would just turn himself in and not make the police come looking for him. It will also depend on your friends history with the police. If the police consider him “armed and dangerous” then a swat team may surround your house and do whatever it takes. If he is considered peaceful then they will just knock on the door and he can come out and that is it.

    If you know him to be a fugitive from justice and the police are activily looking for him. You should not let him in your house. You should call the police and tell them. Do not harbor a fugitive.