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We live in Phoenix AZ. My kids dad rarely pays child support. He decided not to show up to court yesterday and the judge issued a arrest warrant. He will be put on a work furlough until he pays the purge amount of 3,500. How does he get picked up. Will they go to his house to pick him up ro how does this work?

Answer by Alvaro R
The will go to his house with an arrest warrant and send him to jail until hes court date for not showing up in court.

He will be charge for not showing up in court and for wasting time of the judge.

Answer by lpdhcdh
It depends….at my dept we are given warrant lists with the expectation that we go and pick up the arrestee when nothing else is going on.

However, the warrant lists only includes warrants issued from certain court houses or jurisdictions. So there’s plenty of folks in our city that we don’t know who have warrants.

Most likely for a child support warrant there will not be anyone actively lookign for him.

If you know where he lives or works, call the local PD with his name and DOB and they will send someone out to get him.