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I was arrested inside 1998 for a DUI inside Maryland. In beginning of 2000 I moved back to Holland without getting my day inside courtroom. The summer of 2000 I received a letter within the courtroom suggesting which I received a courtroom date inside MD, nevertheless I wasn’t capable to travel to the States. I called the courtroom inside MD plus told them, plus I was told which when wouldn’t show up then they might matter a warrant for my arrest. Then 13 years later, I would want to travel to Florida about a holiday (Disney World) with my family (that never learn regarding this). Will I be arrested inside Customs? Does it matter when I fly by NY or any alternative state than MD? Please aid me, I am worried which I is arrested inside front of my child plus ruin the holiday.
I simply checked online plus my case is indexed because “ACTIVE”.

Answer by Pamela
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Answer by ?
You may possibly be arrested at any point throughout a trip. Should you fly by MD, there is a much high likelyhood considering you’ll be right inside the state it happened. Should you are caught in almost any additional state, it is very as much as MD to determine whether they may have we shipped for them.

That being said, I don’t recognize when they check for which type of thing at customs. I might talk to an lawyer (ideally from MD) to find in the event you have anything to be concerned about.

Answer by Matthew Cream
There is not any method to ask without tipping them off which we plan to see. You take a chances