Arrest Warrant In Maryland

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Arrest Warrant In Maryland

I stay in D.C., but just got a leeter in the mail stating i have a warrant for my arrest that was issued from Montgomery County, MD, i received charded with possession of graffti materials and received on probation, but i violated it, so when you do you believe it’ll expire? and can law enforcement nevertheless occur to my house which is not in Maryland and arrest me?

Answer by Avacodo
I dont think warrents expire. I would like they did

Solution by En
NO WAY … do you compose ? … im a graffiti writer i write ” enone – k2 – ivc ” ive been writing for about a yr ,,, but in addition to that naa i dont think they can go from montgomery to D.C just to cop you for possessing some graffiti stuff on you …. if they caught you bombin thats a distinct point …. but you ought to possibly get some thing in the mail telling you whats gonna occur … there not just gonna get you and bust your a*s oughta no where … but you ought to speak to your probation officer
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Solution by imamidnightlover
You have to “be offered” for arrest in get to have the statute of constraints operate. Residing numerous states absent could barely qualify. Nonetheless, it is doubtful that MD would spend the income to have you extradited…as a make a difference of simple fact they are most likely just as content to have you dwelling in other places. But, why not just go just take treatment of it and get it off your thoughts?