Arrest Warrant In Maryland

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Arrest Warrant In Maryland

arrest warrant in maryland

This question has nothing to do with me but its for a homework and i cant find the answer anywhere. If a New Jersey state were to give you a warrant is it mandatory for them to notify you that you have warrant? And that if you do have a warrant, and you did not know, what happens to you if you applied for a job?

Answer by nick s
In most states, the sheer fact that the clerk has mailed is enough proof in court that you received it. It’s pretty lame. If you do have an out of state warrant, it all depends on what it is for. If it shows up, say when you get pulled over, you will obviously get arrested and you will get a chance to extradite or not. If you dont, you stay where you are. If you do, the state where you have the warrant will come get you…

Answer by Michele
they will most likely contact the other states and the local police stations and have a warent out for your arrest or whatever it is that they want to do.
hope this helps.

Answer by Geoff C
it all depends on the state who issues the warrant. if the warrant is serious enough that they chose to extradite then you will be placed in jail and await the issuing department to come get you.

Several factors are involved in their decision. what is the warrant for and how far do they have to go to get you. if they take these two things into consideration and decide it is worth while then you are going for a ride, if not you will be let go. But remember the arresting agency will take you to jail until they get word from the issuing agency on the status of extradition.

the exception to this is sometime they will not the warrant that they will only extradite from certian states if this is the case then you will be released right away. an example is if you have the warrant issued in VA the warrant might say will only extradite from NC, Maryland and WV.

If you run into this while applying for a job nothing will happen becuase the employer is not a law enforcement agency. you might not get the job but that is it.

my suggestion is get it taken care of becuase it will come back to huant you at inconvienent times.

use to work for a sheriff’s dept so this is the procedure.

Also if you travel out of country you will be stopped at immigration on your way back in until it is cleared up.

and the earlier poster was right most states the fact that they mailed notice is enough to provide their legal obligation of notification. should have to be served by procesor but most do not require.