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Arrest Warrant Case 2000

arrest warrant case 2000

Freehold, NJ (PRWEB) April 24, 2006

The state organization for private investigators inside New Jersey, the NJLPIA, announced Rosemarie Mesis because the recipient of the 2006 William ONeill Investigator of the Year honor.

Rosemaries selection originates from over 2,000 investigators represented by the statewide company. She is the 2nd girl to ever get this honor plus she makes nationwide history along with her PI spouse, Jimmie Mesis, whom received the same honor inside 2003. This marks the first-time a spouse plus spouse have ever individually claimed Investigator of the Year titles inside New Jersey.

Rosemarie became a private investigator inside 1998 following a 23-year stint because a paralegal. She is certified inside New Jersey plus NY plus runs her Freehold, N.J. based investigative agency, Excerion, LLC, that specializes inside finding individuals — including kids whom have become the victims of custodial kidnappings.

A customer newly came to Rosemarie desperately looking aid. The customers estranged spouse had run off with their baby six years ago. Despite warrants out for her arrest, law enforcement officials had small chance inside the research plus had suggested from the customer spending his revenue hiring a PI. Within 24 hours of taking the case, Rosemarie not just situated the spouse plus child, nevertheless was responsible for reuniting the customer with his son the following day. This really is really 1 of various situations Rosemarie has effectively completed whenever others thought the job couldn’t be completed.

The NJLPIA equally recognizes Rosemaries various investigative contributions, plus her function inside different aspects of the industry.

Not just is she a very known investigator along with a coach to hundreds of woman investigators, she furthermore co-owns plus publishes PI Magazine, the global trade publication for private investigators plus law enforcement detectives, plus the PI Magazine Bookstore.

Rosemarie moreover serves found on the board of directors for PI Gear, Inc., ( among the biggest global online surveillance equipment dealers of spy gear plus investigative tools for PIs plus law enforcement detectives.

In addition to running these businesses, Rosemarie furthermore operates PI Buzz (, the official website of expert investigators.

The NJLPIA equally commends Rosemarie for her latest achievement inside organizing the first-ever World Investigators Conference held inside Las Vegas where over 1,500 investigators from 22 nations attended.

The NJLPIA might honor Rosemarie Mesis the night of May 19 at a ceremony inside Atlantic City, N.J. For more details, please contact Bill Pavlou at (800) 836-3088.

NJLPIA ( is an company representing the interests of over 2,000 certified investigative plus safety experts inside New Jersey. This really is the fifth year the NJLPIA can present the William ONeill Investigator of the Year Award.

PI Magazine is an investigative trade publication which serves because the source of info for private investigators plus law enforcement detectives. PI Magazine is an global resource for the newest techniques plus technologies inside the investigative field. For more info, call PI Magazine at 1-800-836-3088 or see the PI Magazine Website at


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How many criminals are living close to you?

Have you ever wondered if any of the people living by you have criminal records or arrest warrants? How would you know if they did? They all look just like regular folk don’t they?

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If you get a warrant and move state then you don’t get caught

This is what I was told by someone that I met casually recently. We got to talking about arrest warrants, saying how easy it was to get one and then get arrested and how much upset and stress it can cause, not to mention the punishment if you’re found guilty.

He told me that it was easy to avoid getting arrested if you got an arrest warrant. All you have to do is move out of the state and the police can’t be bothered to chase you. All criminals know this I was told and this person said that he knew a lot of people that lived locally but traveled to other neighboring states to commit their crimes. They hardly make it into court and jail because it’s just too expensive to come after them.

Then the person confessed to me that both he and his wife had warrants in another state from years back and the’ve never been caught. Now I was worried! The thought that it was possible for criminals to avoid capture like this was one thing but someone openly discussing it with me was something else entirely.

There might be more criminals around you than you thought

You probably thought that most criminals get caught sooner or later which meant that the chances of you coming in contact with them was low.

This is what I thought too but the conversation wwith this stranger has opened my eyes. There could be a lot more people with criminal records or arrest warrants living in your area than you thought.

Do background checks on everyone

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