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Ric Flair encounters arrest warrant

According to The Charlotte Observer, the many-time professional wrestling champ is today the topic of a arrest warrant inside North Carolina following dropping a reported $ 32,000 behind inside spousal help. Flair was ordered to pay $ 4,000 a month to Jacqueline Beems …
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warrant for arrest nc

warrant for arrest nc

If we read my alternative query we understand my condition. Then I have to recognize this. I was told the detective is coming tomorrow to speak to me. I reside inside NC 4 hours away from VA. He states its simply for questioning plus there is not a warrant. Can he arrest me here following I tell him what occurred? Or can he trick me into coming back with him?

Answer by Bruce
No, a Virginia detective cannot arrest we inside North Carolina.

He might need a felony warrant issued where time an officer from North Carolina might arrest we. The fact he is coming to talk to we informs me there is not any warrant yet. Otherwise, he might merely send an officer from North Carolina.

Answer by wolfman
He could have the NC authorities arrest we plus then he’ll have we extradited back to VA either voluntarily or by courtroom purchase. If he does “trick” we into going back to Va he could arrest we there.

Answer by .02 REMAINS
No, a law officer from Virginia refuses to have the legal authority to create an arrest inside North Carolina.

That’s not what he is doing. He is traveling from Virginia to question we regarding an alleged crime which happened inside Virginia, that he DOES have the legal authority to do. But, he may bring a law officer from North Carolina with him, that WOULD have the legal authority to arrest we.

We could like to have an lawyer present whilst you’re questioned. If the detective tips we into coming back to Virginia with him, then that’s your goddamn mistake.