Warrant For Arrest In Georgia 2013

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Warrant For Arrest In Ga
Suspect in Net café circumstance arrested on Georgia warrant

Regional officers said the arrest could complicate how Henderson faces his local fees if he is extradited to Ga. Court documents show that Henderson was scheduled to enter a alter of plea on July 30 in connection with the tried theft of the …
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A 19 year outdated from NY state was arrested in Georgia with a trace amount of marijuana. Can something be completed (mobile phone, etc) to just take care of it fairly than have to travel so far?

Answer by CW
Indeed you have to journey.

Response by Justin
sorry but no, thats the sucky point about courtroom you have to show up in individual.

Reply by jaymes_07
You can employ an attorney in Ga to try and perform out a jail-cost-free plea offer, but even then you will most likely have to journey back to Ga to really enter your plea. Other than that, no. If you had been arrested in a Point out, you have to encounter charges in that Point out, you can not have the demo moved to a different Point out.