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All I hear is the fact that they have more kids then they will afford plus then anticipate the taxes payers to pay for it, or they join gangs plus market drugs plus which they are a violent persons. I furthermore hear they are main identity theft violators.

Why all of this bad speak regarding they?

Don’t you recognize they are a easy individuals just shopping for a greater lifetime?

Answer by HeartofWisdom
I agree which they are easy individuals whom merely wish To reside a superior lifetime plus chance which they didn’t have back house. It’s not the folks however the environment as well as method folks need to reside inside purchase to survive. Education is the key plus I think when they have which they will create greater lives for themselves plus their families.

Answer by No Requerdo
Because you are paying for them as well as the freebies they take. And Anchor infants too !

Answer by Maricopa County
How do we have a greater existence should you should break a amount regulations to have it ? Illegals cannot function except they utilize fake or stolen documents, they lay about I-9 taxes types, beneath perjury of law, they claim all info is honest.They are merely easy persons interested in a greater existence.These are generally doing the same thing here, they did inside Mexico, they have more kids than they will afford plus utilize their kids because shields.Illegals drive without licenses, insurance, they skip courtroom dates, they provide the hospitals , fake info, they are doing not pay their bills, this might be dishonest. illegals cannot exist here, without breaking regulations, regardless the way you angle it, the days of the honest, hardworker are over.