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I have a bench warrant for an older ticket I got for my tags being out…long story short I didnt even have the $ 25 for the write off plus I am dumb thus I not went to courtroom..and it is actually close impossible to receive off function for anything…I wish To take care of it nevertheless I can’t afford to go to jail..i am a single mother plus my money is truly the only 1 you have…is there anything i will do to test to fix this without getting arrested or wanting 1000′s of $ when i go to courtroom? I reside inside LA County California

Answer by Teekno
Call the courtroom clerk’s workplace plus ask what you ought to do. You are at smallest lookin at a limited 100 $ .

Answer by racinngfan3
Cheaper to take care of it than receive arrested found on the warrant inside the center of the evening sometime

Answer by Aryeh
Yep, call the clerk’s workplace. They can equally recommend we call the prosecutor’s workplace. There’s a good chance you’ll simply need to pay the penalty plus with which filed the prosecutor can file with a judge to toss the warrant.

If which occurs, you’ll wish the documentation because PDs are notorious for hauling persons inside about overturned warrants.

la county arrest warrant