La County Arrest Warrant 2013

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Two months ago I was involved in some sort of incident in another state (LA county, to be exact). Anyways, there was always a 1% possibility of an arrest warrant. Like I said, it’s been two months, and I haven’t heard anything from the police or anyone (they have my contact information). Last week I called LA county courthouse to see if I have an arrest warrant — just in case, you know? They said nope. I made sure to ask them if it was in all of LA county, they said nope. But should I call again (one week later)? Do you think anything would have changed in a week?

Or am I just paranoid?

Answer by quennethe
Yes I would call again, but I would wait another week. Making it a total of 2 weeks. This could be serious business, you should always double check!

Answer by Freja the Dog

Answer by TigerLilly
Sounds like paranoid.