European Arrest Warrant 2004 2013

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european arrest warrant 2004

-Sending out fliers plus telephone calls suggesting which Republicans must vote November 4th plus Democrats could vote november 5th
-lieing plus suggesting which in the event you have great arrest warrants or traffic tickets you are arrested whenever we vote
-suggesting you are able to vote by telephone
-threatening university pupils financial help when they register to vote
-trying to purge tons of registered voters for each small thing, including Joe Wurzelbacher whom created the u resemble an o plus resemble Joe Worzelbacher whenever he re-registered.

is the Republican party simply fascist plus why aren’t they being prosecuted?

p.s link to the Joe the Plumber story:…

“In Ohio, Republicans have repeatedly gone to courtroom to create public a list of over 200,000 unmatched registrations, presumably thus which those voters is challenged at the polls, besides the fact that almost all of them, like Joe, are possibly legit. “It’s disenfranchisement by typo,” explains Michael Waldman, executive director of the Brennan Center for Justice, that tracks voting issues.” – Time Magazine

Answer by kevin t
Because they love oppression.

Answer by ghost science
Easy, MONEY. Lot’s plus lot’s of MONEY they take from taxes payers.
However it’s not merely the rep. the dem do it too….

Answer by Barth S
Simple. They don’t. If you wish To utilize which line of logic you really need to be completely infuriated by the conduct of MANY Democrats, particularly those turning a blind eye to the mammoth antics of the unlawful company ACORN.

I think what’s certainly happening here is the fact that you’re an ideologue zombie. I can tell by a very slanted technique we present partial facts plus cherry-picked information. Try getting of the partisan horse each occasionally, learn how to think for oneself, plus lay off the Kool-Aid.