Can Cops Arrest You Without A Warrant

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can cops arrest you without a warrant

can cops arrest you without a warrant

The cop knocked on the doorway and mentioned he experienced a warrant but by no means confirmed it and arrested my brother. It was a felony but it wasn’t a criminal offense that was a battery or anything at all key. He was laid off from his construction occupation and he drove by way of the work website and saw that he was replaced by a person but he was laid off for “deficiency of function” so he stopped and said something to them. He received arrested for aggravated stalking. So, when the cops have been arresting him the pushed my 70 year aged father to the aspect and my brothers wife keeping there one calendar year previous daughter. Not to point out he was coming out of the shower and they arrested him. Make sure you an individual explain to me that they violated his 4Th modification or something so he can sue them. Thanks

Reply by jakflak
Sure, they can do that. A warrant enables them to enter.

Response by S_P_P_
Sorry, but if they experienced a warrant, they can arrive in w/o permission. That is the purpose of a warrant.

It sucks, but that is the way it is. They never have to be polite, and they can pull him off the bathroom, out of the shower, or what ever.

Reply by Hardey Boy
They had a warrant. They did not violate any of his legal rights because they had a warrant. I hate stating this, but your father and his wife need to have stayed out of the way of the officers.