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Standoff ends without incident; 3 arrested about warrants

Police mentioned they received information regarding 3 the.m. Thursday which Dennis Caleb Goode, a think for who they were looking, was at the address. Officers arrived yet were unable to create contact with anybody inside the apartment, thus the SWAT team was called …
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california arrest warrant search

A fresh ruling might today let authorities inside California to look a cellular phone should you receive stopped or arrested
Mr. Turtle. We don’t automobile when they see nude images of
a spouse plus girlfriend ?
Billy Bob, Great cv. Then explain the answer of no
One case associated certain graffiti which had been painted found on the side3 of the building. The individual inside query had a movie of him doing the illegal deed. Should plus might which be selected because evidence against him ?

Answer by Mr. Turtle
How else can they discover out should you are texting when driving. I don’t like it however, I recognize it. I don’t have nude images of anybody. If I did I possibly wouldn’t care whom saw them. I thought this was more of the legal query.

Answer by firefly
Relying about older U.S. Supreme Court situations, California’s highest courtroom ruled authorities may take a mobile from a suspect soon “after” he is arrested & go from the text messages to think about evidence without getting a look warrant. The state’s high courtroom ruled inside a Fourth Amendment choice handed down Monday which associated the 2007 arrest of the guy whom bought the drug Ecstasy from a authorities informant & found a text content about his mobile phone implicating him inside a narcotics transaction. His attorney might petition the U.S. Supreme Court to review the state Supreme Court’s choice.

Answer by Billy Bob

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