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arrest warrant united states

i mean whenever the authorities do warrant checks inside america they check the when im a canadian here inside usa with warrants.the police can not figure it out?so wuoldnt it function as the same inside canada?

Answer by Erin
Right. Simply keep telling oneself which.

Answer by Love.Canada
We arrest all Americans “really inside case”…

Answer by bw022
The United States plus Canada share unlawful arrest, warrant, plus conviction info. The Canadian plus US federal governments together with all US states forward this info to centralized computers inside every others nations. These are accessible by edge services, immigration, plus numerous authorities forces.

Upon scanning the passport at the edge, Canadian Border Services might understand which we have any great warrant. It might show up about their computer screens. They might then usually ask a some issues to confirm you’re the same individual (matches are by name and/or birth date). In many instances, you’d be denied entry to Canada.

The RCMP plus surrounding authorities inside Canada doesn’t have direct access to this computer program, neither might they have much of the cause to check against it for the typical American because they might learn that many Americans were cleared at the edge. However… when American authorities have cause to believe which which individual is within Canada, they might clearly contact Canadian Border Services as well as the RCMP that might place out an alert about which particular individual. If US authorities are actively searching for somebody they might usually contact the US State Department plus pull their passport or see from Canadian passport scan records which they are inside Canada. Again, consulting Canada.

Finally, when the authorities inside Canada really arrest an American about any kind of crime… they would contact CBSA plus CIC whom might work the check about their systems.

The same is true for Canadians inside the United States.