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In Wake Of Valencia Gardens Police Brutality Allegations, Protest Planned For

Williams was booked into custody on suspicion of assault and battery on an officer, felony resisting arrest, a traffic code violation and an outstanding local warrant, Shyy said. Jensen said Williams remained in custody as of this afternoon and that …
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Basically I have unpaid traffic tickets and I’ve gotten my license suspended because of it. But without driving,of course, if someone was upset with me and called the police to come arrest me for my warrants due to my traffic tickets,could they do that and would I go to jail,considering the warrants are only for unpaid traffic tickets?

Answer by helper
Yes, its called a citizens arrest

Answer by courtney
Yes, yes you will. A warrant means that you are wanted and they will take you

Answer by Smells like New Screen Names
They rarely send a squad to catch people for traffic warrants.

What happens is that sooner or later, you cross paths with a cop, he runs your name, you go to jail, till someone bails you out.

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